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Balco Systems of West Texas is the authorized distributor of Rauland-Borg Corporation's Responder Nurse Call Systems. Rauland-Borg Corporation is the industry leader in the design and manufacturing of nurse call communication.


All of the Responder products are made in the United States and carry a  five year warranty. Balco Systems and Rauland-Borg Corporation work together to customize your nurse call system and provide support in maintaining your system with 24-hour service.


We recognize that every facility is unique in their operations and procedures - therefore, Balco Systems can customize your call  system to assist your staff in providing excellent patient care. Rauland Responder Nurse Call Systems have several solutions to increase patient satisfaction.


- Integration with wireless phones or pagers in order to expedite

  calls and decrease response time

- Integration with patient alarm equipment such as IV pumps,

  patient monitors, ventilators, and telemetry equipment

- Generate management reports providing data with quantity of

  calls, types of calls, and response time

Keep your facility at top performance with our nurse call system installations and service today.






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Learn about the different systems we offer:

Responder 5

Rauland-Borg Corporation's Responder 5 is the newest system and it is a completely integrated communication system that is very user friendly. Patients can rest easier knowing that care is on the way because patient calls will automatically be directed to the appropriate caregiver to prevent unnecessary distractions and delays.


Responder 5 specializes in streamlining the processes of each department. Each station can be customized to meet your specific needs. Not only is this system unique, it also offers detailed reports to assist your management team in reviewing minute by minute activities of their patients and staff.

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Responder 5000

Rauland-Borg Corporation's Responder 5000 is a feature-rich communication system that is an excellent communication solution for long-term care, skilled nursing, and small facilities. This system will ensure that your caregivers have the tools they need to communicate with their residents while meeting the needs of your budget at the same time.


With wireless phone and pager integration, your staff can provide the best care for your residents. Along with the security of integrating the wander management notifications through the nurse call system in order to provide an immediate response.


The Responder 5000 is an affordable, scalable solution to meet the customized needs of your facility.

Excellent customer service every time

Balco Systems has over 40 years of experience providing Rauland-Borg Corporation Nurse Call System installations in new and existing facilities in West Texas. We will continue to help you maintain your system for the life of your system with on-call support 24/7.


We understand that it is critical for your life safety system to be operating properly in order to meet the needs of your facility. It is our goal to always provide timely response, support, and service.

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