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You must have access to communication systems within your school at all times. Whether you need to talk with students, parents or teachers, you can rely on high-quality equipment from Balco Systems.


At Balco Systems, the West Texas area's premier school intercom system installer, our top priority is to provide all of our clients with quality customer service at affordable rates. We are a locally owned and operated business and have a reputation for excellence with many ISD's. We specialize in the design, installation, and service of Rauland-Borg systems, an industry beacon.


- District-wide communications

- Centralized bell scheduling

- Clocks / wireless clocks

- Voice over IP systems

- Staff voicemail

- Auto-attendant

- Classroom phones / security

- Bell schedule


Balco Systems can integrate district-wide communications to every building on the school district network. As a principal, teacher or faculty member, you will appreciate the critical communication system solution that Rauland offers.

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Telecenter U

Rauland-Borg Corporation's Telecenter U takes advantage of your district's data network to connect all of your facilities together, allowing communication to flow to and from the right people and places. It also directly links to an integrated IP-based internal communications solution for school-based intercom and paging. Telecenter U interfaces with clock systems, security and access systems, and other public address solutions.


This system can initiate critical notifications for a wide range of emergencies, manage any event with tones or pre-recorded messages, adapt to schedule changes, play music, communicate daily announcements, and use call buttons to help teachers quietly get assistance.


The system emergency capabilities can include lockdown, severe weather, building evacuation, intruder alert, or any other customizable event. All communication functions are easily accessible from any device with a web browser. Telecenter U is the smartest way to connect your entire educational universe.


Telecenter VI

Rauland-Borg Coproration's Telecenter VI is a digital VoiP-based communication system designed for the unique needs of the K-12 environment. This system combines powerful telephone features with the efficient internal communication options needed in schools. The Telecenter VI keeps the focus on effective communication that minimizes disruptions while streamlining communications in emergency situations.


This allows the students and teachers to focus on learning while providing the safest environment possible. This system gives you the communication tools that you need to match the unique requirements of your facility. The Telecenter VI provides comprehensive internal communication and notification for any event that will affect the entire school. This system also includes features to help keep day to day schedules moving along smoothly.


Telecenter 21

Rauland-Borg Corporation's Telecenter 21 is a very powerful and easy-to-use system that provides centralized control for a broad range of school communication functions. This system allows users to make announcements throughout the faciilty or just to selected zones. Tone distribution signals can be initiated by a dedicated switch or an administrative phone.


The Telecenter 21 has two-way communication for either normal or emergency calls. This system also features a built-in master clock programmable for hundreds of events. The best part of Rauland-Borg Corporation's Telecenter 21 is that it can be easily programmed to fit your exact needs.


Telecenter Class

Rauland-Borg Corporation's Telecenter Class is an advanced classroom communication system that enhances the teacher's voice to ensure that he or she is head loud and clear by all students. This simple wireless device is small enough for the teacher to carry from room to room, amplifying your students' learning ability.


The Telecenter Class has been designed to integrate with Rauland-Borg Corporation's Telecenter line of intercom and paging systems. This system can be programmed for immediate notification which provides the needed level of safety for teachers, students, and staff.

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