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With the increasing tragedies and events affecting our schools and children, communication and security are more critical today than ever before. Balco Systems can help your school be prepared as best as possible to keep students and staff safe in an emergency. Our newest product from Rauland is the Telecenter U System. Rauland TCU can perform day-to-day communications, implement bell schedules using a calendar from a desktop, and perform automatic functions in the event of an emergency. Functions like playing prerecorded messages, locking doors, flashing classroom corridor lights, notifying first responders, and locking down the entire district.

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Some of the Benefits and Features of the Telecenter U Include:

  • An IP Based System
  • A district-wide solution, meaning it can lock down an entire school district with a single button!
  • Prerecorded audio for emergencies and “all clear” messages
  • Classroom check-in during a lockdown situation
  • Centralized bell scheduling
  • The ability to interface with other technologies, such as access control and fire alarms
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Balco System was the first company to install the Rauland Telecenter U at Trinity High School in 2013. This system turned out to be the perfect fit for both the school and Rauland. This successful product was officially launched in late 2013.

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